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Notes from the Future
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance with Speculative Elements
Status: In Revision (Agented)

Seventeen-year-old Nicole Sasaki Manas finds a handwritten letter in her bedroom.

Don’t let Cara drive home today.
Jake Conway –Year 2021

Nicole has never been friends with the ever-so-popular Jake or his cheerleader girlfriend Cara. And from five years into the future? Someone is definitely playing a prank on her. Nicole ignores the letter, and after school, Cara crashes her car into a pole.

When more letters keep coming, Nicole confronts Present-Day Jake, but he doesn’t know what to make of it either. Instead, they act as Cara’s silent guardians, watching her from behind bushes and jumping in front of would-be accidents—but Nicole starts getting injured in Cara’s place, from third-degree burns one day to nearly freezing to death in another. Yet the only way to find out why Future-Jake entrusted her with the “save Cara” job is to keep following the letters.

Too bad she’s falling in love with Present-Day Jake in the process.